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Install Geothermal specializes in retrofitting existing homes and buildings to Geothermal Heating & Cooling. Our innovative portable & light weight drills allow us to drill in basements and yards that other companies can’t. Many people believe Geothermal is not possible in a city or urban setting or that is only possible to install in new construction. At Install Geothermal we systematically worked out solutions to all these barriers. .

Our hybrid loop field is cross in between a vertical and horizontal loop field again allowing us to convert homes to Geo previously thought not possible.

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Horizontal loop fields are commonly found in geothermal systems installed in more rural areas. This is due to the amount of land required when constructing a horizontal loop geothermal system

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Many homes in suburban and urban area do not sit on a large enough plot of land to install a horizontal loop system, but with new drilling technology, geothermal system installation is available through a vertical loop geothermal system.

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Hybrid systems using several different geothermal resources, or a combination of a geothermal resource with outdoor air (i.e., a cooling tower), are another technology option.

How does geothermal work?

While air temperature varies greatly throughout the year or even the day the temperature remains pretty consistently at 55 degrees once you get about 6 feet underground. Geo uses a system of underground piping called a loop field combined with a heat pump that works similar to your AC to extract heat in the winter and cold in the summer. The heat pump unlike your AC unit can run in both direction to create heat or cold and while your AC unit is currently using 90 degree air to cool the heat pump will be using 55 degree water taking that hot summer AC bill way down.


Through 2032 you will likely be eligible for Federal tax credit of 30% of total cost plus a $2,000 high efficiency credit under the Inflation Reduction Act and in addition ComeEd offers customer here in Illinois $1,500 per ton up to $9,000 max cash credit once the installation is complete. Most customers cover 50-65% of the initial cost with tax credits & other incentives.

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